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Vastu Shastra
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Muhurat and Grah Pavesh of Building (House Warming)

The commencement of the work, laying of foundation stone, starting excavation and construction, fixing the main door should be done on particular dates of specific months, where the drishti or aspect of Vaastu is oriented so as to make the house fit for human habitation with ease and comforts, health and longevity, peace and prosperity. Vaastu purusha must be remembered and worshipped on three occasions during the period of construction i.e. during Aadi (beginning: foundation), Madhya (middle: fixing of main door), and Antya (end: during Grahprevash). It is very much emphasized in Vaastu Shastra that the location of the main door shall be where the drsihti of Vaastu Purusha is oriented during the particular occasion and the Grahapravesh from that door shall be performed, when the drishti is exactly in the opposite direction.

Laying the foundation: Laying foundation steps in the constructing a house. The foundation stone should either be laid in the Ishaana i.e. northeastern part of the entire plot or it should be laid in the northeastern part of the layout of the proposed house. It should always be remembered that the persons performing the ceremony of laying foundation stone should invariably face East. While foundation stone laying ceremony should be in North-East, the foundation stone, which must be flawless, without rough patches and grooves, should be taken to South-West corner and building construction should be started using that stone only as the first foundation stone. At no time, construction of foundation wall should be started in NorthEast.

Starting the Excavation: The excavation of digging the foundation should always be done in the NorthEast, the logic behind this principle is to keep the NorthEast level low and light always. Shukla paksha of Vaishakh (April-May), Shraavana (July-August), Maargashira (November-December), Pushya (December- January) and Phaalguna (February-March) are the good periods for starting the excavation and other months are considered inauspicious. The sun in Vrishabha, Simha, Vrischika and Kumbh raashi is considered very good; in Mesha, Karkaataka, Tula and Makara raashi is not so good; and in Mithuna, Kanya, and Dhanu and Meena raashi are considered bad for the excavation. The excavation should start at NorthEast, proceed towards NorthWest / SouthEast and should end at SouthWest.

Starting the Construction: Construction work of any building is to be started always only after Vaastu Poojan (worship of Vaastu) and Shilanyaas (lying of foundation) ceremony and Graaha shaanti. The initial point to start the construction is NorthEast where foundation stones are placed, but remember actual construction of foundation structure must begin only from SouthWest corner. The construction of building should start at SouthWest, proceeds towards NorthWest / SouthEast and should end at NorthEast. It should always be kept in mind that the NorthEast level should be kept lowered as compared to SouthWest corner. There are different effects of building the house in particular months. Building a house during:Grah Pravesh

Chaitra (March - April): It will result in financial loss and fearfulness;
Vaishaaka (April - May): It will bring good results;
Jaishtha (May - June): It will lead to the fear of death;
Aashaada (June - July): It will result in the loss of cattle wealth;
Shraavana (July - August): It is good for the welfare of the family;
Bhaadrapada (August - September): It is good for the welfare for the family;
Ashwayuja (September - October): It will result in unnecessary fight and enmity;
Kaarthika (October - November): It will ensure acquisition of wealth;
Maargashira (November - December): It will cause fear of many things;
Pushya (December - January): It will result in fear of fire and other troubles;
Maagha (January - February): It is good for the entire family;
Phaalguna (February - March): It will ensure gain in wealth, richness etc.
Following is the effect of commencing building construction on different days:
Sunday: Fear of fire
Monday (of Shukla Paksha): Happiness and all round prosperity.
Monday (of Krishna Paksha): Should not start the work at all.
Tuesday: Bad effects, fear of fire and death.
Wednesday: Gain in wealth and richness, happiness, family welfare etc.
Thursday: Long life, happiness & children will attain name and fame.
Friday: Happiness & peace of mind, full of good activities and functions.
Saturday: Even if the life of the building will be long, life of inmates will be full of debt, sorrow, misery, laziness and other bad effects.
Grah Pravesh: Once the construction work is complete, the next step to be taken is the "Grah Pravesh". For the Grah Pavesh in the brand new house,

- The months of Magh, Phalgun, Vaishak, Jyeshtha are considered most auspicious and bring all the benefits.
- All days except Tuesdays (Sunday, Saturday in some part of India) are considered auspicious.
- The Shukla Pakhsha (rising moon time) is considered best and the Krishna Paksha (declining moon time) should be avoided as far as possible.
- The Grah Pravesh should always be done in the daytime.

Any building construction or living started without proper Muhurat does not progress properly. A number of obstacles crop up and the work gets abandoned half way causing mental agony, monetary loss and many other problems. So it is essential to fix up "Muhurat" for everything if we want smooth sailing, success, prosperity progress and peace of mind.

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