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Make Your Balcony Look Alive

Make your balcony look alive

Balcony is place which is generally neglected by many homeowners due to many reasons or just out of negligence. However this place can be made as beautiful as interior home décor that is serene and alive. Though some people get limited space in the name of balcony this is what make them neglect this place which can also made lively by planting different plants and including other decorative ideas.

Balcony is usually an outdoor space that generally is isolated except having a railing enclosed by wall but it can look designer if the space is used accordingly. This area can be more appealing than your other home décor while some are of opine that due to lack of space in balcony they would not install decorative items. But now these thoughts have taken a new turn as even small balcony can be appear enthralling with minimum design and appealing décor.

It is the most impressive area of every home where you can have a scene of every passerby and all buzzing news in the suburban locality or area near you. Many people in other way tend to develop this serene area into garbage place if ever they get big balcony. So dump the garbage into the bin not in the balcony because it might leave your guest with derogatory experience.

Read out the tips to make this area of your home a safe and decorative place:
  • Maintain your balcony area from becoming a default dustbin or dumping area of junk material of home. This is the area which requires minimum maintenance in time so incorporate some exclusive ideas to make it look a serene place.
  • Incorporate some seating arrangement like swing couch, storage seating to hide tools and instruments and many other items to attract passerby. Every bit space should be used for appealing look of balcony.
  • Keep this place simple and naive by engaging minimum furniture pieces such as chairs and tables. You can also place some folding chairs nearby the balcony area so that in emergency you do not have run and relocate room chairs into the balcony. This will also make your balcony appear spacious.
  • Make sure the flooring of balcony is much appealing as in your indoor because this area attracts people for its aesthetic and lively beauty. But keeping flooring simple is mandatory as balcony need to be washed every while so the floor should not stand water.
  • Design your balcony with various items like lighting fixtures, artificial climbers, wall art and bamboo sticks can be used for fencing so as to separate your area from neighbours. This would especially add to your home pastoral and artistic feature.
  • Landscaping and planting basic plants in different manner is best idea to make your balcony look interesting and beautiful. You can also grow various vegetables such as tomatoes, chili, coriander, brinjal, cucumbers and beans in your garden area providing that balcony is large, while fruits can also be planted in balcony.
  • Make sure your balcony receives enough light, rainfall and wind so that the plantation is fast and rapid. Sunny area balcony can ideally have ornamental plants, tomatoes, geranium, cacti, bougainvillea and lavender. However shady space can incorporate plants like zygocactus, pansies and honeysuckle but keep watering the plants frequently twice in a day.
  • Fruits and vegetables in balcony garden is good enough to make your area look great but colourful flowers in big antique pots and vase altogether alters the appearance of balcony. Thus bring this unique element to your garden balcony for more aesthetic appeal.

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