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Precaution & prevention for Electric Shock

Precaution & prevention for Electric Shock

Electrical Wiring PrecautionsElectric shock can occur due to faults in main wiring system or other reasons which must be prevented by fixing the faults in due time when detected. Electric current is deadly for all of us and can have fatal consequences on physical and mental health. Any kind of fault that may arise in wiring system or cable must be detected and fixed immediately to avoid any mishap or accident that could also lead to firing.

There are several causes that have been detected to cause electric shock such as:
  • Fault in electric wires
  • Exposed wires
  • Wet wire
  • Open electric sockets
The intensity of Electric shock decides the consequences on body while low intensity doesn’t cause much harm but high voltage shock can even lead to death or paralyses. There have been observed many cases of violent collision of body with electricity that has lead to permanent disability of organ or deterioration nervous system etc. Therefore, electric collision is the most pernicious thing which should be avoided to save life.

There are ways for systematic implementation of which can effectively prevent occurrence of electric shock. Read out the precautions for the prevention of electric collision or shock:
  • Always hire a qualified engineer to fix the wiring system well in place with all care and caution.
  • It is ideal to wear rubber gloves or shoes while working on electric wires as rubber and wood is good conductor of electricity and lessens the intensity of current.
  • Keep the main wiring system and meter under the fences and at distance to prevent sudden encounter with children and infant.
  • If there is sudden fire in the house, turn off the main switch of power supply immediately and use sand or fire extinguisher to keep the fire off. However, avoid water on the electric appliances or switch while fire as it can deteriorate the situation.
  • While repairing or working on electrical systems turn off the supply from main switch.
  • Install main plugs and switches at normal height and out of reach of children for safety measures.
  • All necessary wiring should be sealed and qualitative for better protection.
  • To prevent frequent electric shocks from wires, earthing should be effective.
  • Always follow safety standards while working or repairing some electric system to prevent shock.
  • Avoid working on electric system during the damp or moist weather such as raining. Or if the main electrical system is placed near the wet area then cover it with essential material and work with caution or seek professional help.

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