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Vaastu for placing doors & windows

The doors and windows need a great attention. Besides outside settings and interiors too, there are several other aspects, which need consideration while planning and designing, and this is one of them. There are some points that one should always consider before designing the doors and the windows.
  • The best thing is if the maximum number of doors and windows open in North and East sdes of the building as compared to the South and the West Side.
  • The main door should be the tallest and other doors should not be superior in size or in beauty to the main door. It is also written in Braunth Sanhita as:

    "Mool Dwaaram Naanayyarabhisanthathi Roopdurya, Gatpal Patra Pramathibhishch Thanmadulau shrich nuyath"
  • Doors in all rooms should be of equal size but if want to make some bigger ones, then the doors in South and West side should be bigger than the North and the east side and not the other way.
  • The number of doors and windows in the house should be in even numbers like 2,4,6,8,etc.
  • While fixing the doorframes in an internal wall, it must be ensured that the doorframe is not fixed contiguous to the main wall of the house. Atleast a minimum of 4" pad should be built before fixing the doorframe to a lateral wall.
  • While fixing the doors and the windows, cross-ventilation should be taken care of. It is essential to fix doors and windows opposite to each other to have better light and air.
  • Doors should not be placed in the center of the wall; they should always be off centered.
  • If a house faces east, the entrance should be fixed towards East, so that the main door falls in the Northern half of that side. Such a door yields good results and is very auspicious.
  • If a house faces West, the entrance should be fixed towards West, so that the main door falls in the Northern half of that side.
  • When the house is north facing, the entrance should be fixed towards North, so that is falls in the eastern half of that side.
  • If the house is south facing, the entrance should be fixed towards North, so that the door falls in the Eastern half of that side.
  • Main entrance or the gates of the two houses opposite to each other should not open exactly towards each other.
  • For making doors and windows, as far as possible one type of wood should be used. Teak is the best wood for this purpose.
  • Irregular shaped doors or square doors are not recommended and are considered inauspicious. The door size should be in ratio of 2:1 in respect to height and width. The normal sized door is 7' X 3'.
  • Windows also should have symmetry in height through sizes of width may differ.
  • If only one door is to be fixed in a house, it must be fixed either Eastern or northern side of the building. If the house have two doors, they can be placed in North and South, in east and west, in East and North but never in South and West.
  • Placing doorways in the three directions except east are not auspicious. Avoiding a doorway in the South and keeping doorways in other directions are auspicious.
  • Main entrance should always have threshold or doorsill. The main entrance of a house is compared with the mouth of a human being. Just as the face has two eyes, a nose and a mouth, the main entrance of a house is supposed to possess windows on either side, or a sill or threshold below the doorway. The purpose of lips is served by the frame shutters, and the threshold. It is said that the threshold protects the household from perils, diseases and paves way for prosperity.
  • It is better to make the door consist of only one panel or shutter; or by joining three or five shutters. Frames can be four or maximum five in a door.
  • There should be no obstructions in front of main door such as rails, staircase, big trees etc. Opposite to it should not be a temple, lamppost or any kind of obstruction.
  • If there are more floors in a building, one door over another door brings poverty and financial crisis and this condition should be avoided.
  • One should take utmost care of several things like; if the door closes itself automatically, that will make the inmates lunatics; if the door closes itself, it will destroy the children; if it is oversized or under sized, it should be changed immediately.
  • If a door is making screeching sound while movement, such a door along with chowkhat should be replaced immediately.
  • It is better to have doors both at the beginning i.e. down below and at the end i.e. in the top of the staircase.

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