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Cover your Damaged Wallpaper with Wallpaper

Wallpaper generally beautify the wall and reverses the image of damaged wall because wallpaper art is an important part of interior decoration. Wallpaper can be applied anywhere to enhance the challenging beauty of décor and today designer wallpaper have made the market flooded. You can decorate your wall with ethnic, theme based, coloured and designer wallpaper that goes with your taste.

Apart from designs and colour, wallpaper can be avail in different quality material having with graphic paints that can renovate plain and non-appealing walls. A huge variety can be seen in wallpaper design yet the only drawback that seems in wallpaper art is it often start chipping for various reasons. Covering damaged wallpapered wall is a challenge that every house seeks for because redoing the wallpaper is time & money consuming way.

Damaged wallpaper takes away every homeowner’s sleep due to its unappealing appearance and withered look. Changing wallpaper is not the only solution in such cases of wallpaper damage as it can also be covered again with some wallpaper to give a clean look. There is no need to remove or peel existing wallpaper and new wallpaper can easily be pasted without spending much. Here are some ways to cover up the blotted wallpaper with re-paper:
  • Check out the type of wallpaper existing wallpaper on the wall and head out to find out which type of wallpaper now can resort to so as to maintain the proper look of wall. There are two types of wallpaper used for wall covering- non-coated and vinyl coated wallpaper.
  • To examine your wall for kind of wallpaper it has, just apply a wet sponge on the wallpaper and check out whether damp area gets darken and wet. If does so, the wallpaper used is non-coated one; moreover this type of wallpaper doesn’t flake or wither from its surface.
  • Tips to cover damaged wallpaperWhile re-papering two conditions that occurs are said to be strikethrough and bleeding. In strikethrough the original pattern is seen through the new layer; bleeding method is when paper ink of original design permeates through the new coat.
  • Vinyl coated wallpapers need to be removed before re-papering new one on existing because vinyl is non-porous and it is always better to have porous surface to make the wallpaper stick properly with adhesive.
  • Before re-papering the wall that has been freed from vinyl paper, clean up the wall so as to bonding between the new wallpaper and surface. Eventually un-prepped wall will need good amount of adhesive on new wallpaper which doesn’t look good.
  • Sticking new wallpaper over the existing vinyl-coated wallpaper then it can lead to mildew and mould because vinyl do not led air to pass through. Therefore it is better to remove first vinyl coating to re-paper this type of wall.

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