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Conference room

In any major company the conference room can be a focal point where all employees will find themselves one time or another. That said it is also a vital front for the business where guests and potential clients can be met to discuss future prospects as well. So it can be safely assumed that this space in the office is an integral and vital part of the office. Therefore the interiors, decoration, lighting, furniture and look of this room must be planned and executed with great care. One should keep the following advice in mind.

  • The interiors of the conference room should be devoid of reflective surfaces as much as possible. This is an area where a lot of people would gather and talk to each other, sometimes even via conference calls and video conferencing. Reflective surfaces would create subliminal noise and lessen clarity of digital signals.
  • The color scheme of the space should be calming and soothing since this is usually a room where tensions rise and tempers flare.
  • Conference roomThe interiors should aggressively display the corporate logo or image since this is probably a space where potential clients will spend quite some time.
  • The right lighting would be crucial to a perfect conference room. Using dimmers is imperative since this is useful during presentations on the white screen (Just switching of the lights leaves listeners incapacitated and lost. They might want to take notes or make additions but cant due to the darkness)
  • Directional lighting such as led spots running in a row over the conference table can brighten the immediate area of a person seated at the table without blinding others with excess light
  • A statement piece, like a large painting or statue can really liven up this room. It will also serve as a channel of positive energy if positioned strategically.
  • Small accents like the drapes, floor mats and other textiles can be used to further imbibe the room with color and positive energy
  • Furniture in the conference room should be ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for long periods. Remember comfortable does not mean cozy. Too comfortable and your team could be dozing at your next presentation!
  • Ensure that the furniture is arranged in such a way that potential clients have to look up to your company representatives. This makes them psychologically more likely to agree to most of your terms.
  • Make full use of the entire gamut of electronic devices available. A future forward conference room is a signal of success to most people.

These suggestions can be the turning point for your conference room. It must be remembered though that since this is a room that exudes such power, a room where deals are made and employees are fired, it must be built and set-up and maintained keeping that energy in mind. All possible efforts should be made to retain the strong energy and the positive aura of the room.


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