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Bedroom Interiors


Bedroom is a place to breakout, a covert which reveal your own feelings and personality. It is cozy place where you dream of your love, carry out all your coveted inhibitions and for a couple bedrooms is secret hub.

Sometimes we wonder to find a suitable place to see life’s dream and what could be a better place to dream than your own bedroom. Bedroom is especially made of bed; your bed signifies your comfort level and personality you possess. To make a bedroom look tangier and lively a proper care must be taken.

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The most private place

As the most private, personalised space in a home, the bedroom must necessarily reflect its user's lifestyle, his practical needs, aesthetic preferences and also his dreams, and this is exactly why a bedroom decor poses a challenge to interior designers.

To design an ideal bedroom, one must get to know the person’s
  • Innermost thoughts and ideas
  • The cultural background
  • bedrooomThe upbringing
  • The temperament
  • The personal conception of a dream bedroom
  • Storage space required
  • Taste of colour scheme
All these diverse factors govern aesthetic decisions, which explain the high degree of subjectivity involved. That is why one can’t really set up aesthetic byelaws; nor can these byelaws find an easy acceptance, if indeed they are made.

Define your bedroom with your favourite colour

The first consideration to design a bedroom is colour, which reflects your persona and aesthetic capability. The colour chosen must be subtle and varied to other things in the bedroom. Instead of dark and bold primary colours, choose light shades of monochromatic tones. Rich-jewel hues would enhance the mood and coziness of the room. You can also go for toned-down shades of your favourite colours in the bedroom.

Get the stylish ceiling for better outlook

stylish bedroom ceiling Your bedroom sometimes needs a different outlook, in order to add spice to your bedroom do not overlook ceiling. You can try false ceiling or simple ceiling which would look awesome when dim light would glow from it enhancing your mood for the act. How many times you look at the top surface when you toss over your bed at night? We guess most of the time, after switching off the lights you gaze your ceilings in contemplation. Thus a good idea is to get your ceilings changed for a better interior.

Examining the storage space

The next thing you can do is to examine the available space in your bedroom. If your bedroom is copious then you can add other things to fill the space. But remember to add serene feeling to a bedroom store your things out of sight, by this your room will look more calm and cozy.
  • Put a roomy bedside table with some drawers where you can hide your personal books and magazines or other stuff within reach but out of sight.
  • You can use a trunk or storage bench to store bedsheets, pillows and other material.
  • Use bed panels if it can be open, to stores expensive items, utensils and other kind of stuff for better storage.
Importance of floor rugs

The basic principle of not breaking up a room into little bits is equally applicable to the floor. This is why a room with a wall-to- wall carpet looks much bigger than a one with rugs scattered all over. However, given the Indian climatic conditions, maintaining carpets and rugs requires a huge effort; and can only be risked in air-conditioned and dust free environment.

The latest option is laminate flooring, and it does seem to have a lot of advantages, while also being aesthetically appealing, and free from the hassles of ordinary wooden flooring. It should be noted that the same flooring sweeping through several rooms gives a better, more spacious effect.

Lighting with stylish fixtures

Lighting in home must do more than dispel darkness. Bedroom lighting should be more aesthetic so as to add charm to your life and moments you spend together in your bedroom. Decorative lighting sets the mood and adds interest in your work. Essentially after primary lighting fixtures such as tube lights and bulbs you can arrange stylish lighting fixtures in the bedroom. They will add a dramatic effect and light up your moments.

comfy furniture for bedroom Comfy furniture for bedroom

When you start with bedroom furniture, always start out with floor plan and the space in your room.
  • The furniture you buy must not be large or bulky so as to cover the whole space.
  • But it should be small either it is bed or any table or almirah. Furniture should fit the room.
  • If the ceiling is high, a tall headboard will help to visibly bring it down in size.
  • For a large bedroom, choose big accessories and table that may fit to the room.
  • Small bed, small dressing table etc may hide in that big room.
  • Limit your furniture in bedroom; it is a room for rest not to idealize time.
Cushions a part of bedroom décor

For centuries, sumptuous bedspreads, coverlets and quilts have been important elements of bedroom furnishing. These accessories should be seen as a part of the whole bedroom scheme. Cushions although small has the potential to pull a scheme together with accents for pattern and colour.

The way a room is decorated has a major effect on how spacious it looks. Even though you have not actually pushed out the walls or raised the ceiling, you can use colour, texture and pattern to create that effect. The colours for walls and ceilings, the choice of flooring, the treatment of windows and design of the lighting system are all important aspects of decor.Also,there are a few other aspects specific to bedroom decor such as bedspreads, quilts and cushions which must be given due consideration.

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